What makes us so handy?

Handy Penknife is here to help by doing the things that you don't have time to do. We've got a number of skills at our disposal; why not give us a try?

Website Rescue

Is your webhost having a problem? We can rescue your files, redirect your URL and quickly have your site back up and running!

Wordpress & Joomla

Need an easily-maintained website up and running fast? We can get you started with the platform of your choice!

Design On A Budget

Whether you need a cover image for your podcast or a banner for your YouTube channel, we can get your brand working!

We Love Linux!

From Apache to PHP, we have web servers covered. If you need help setting up your hosting, we'll be there.

Internet Media Production

Let us take the sting out of launching your podcast or video channel; engage us for advice or to do the whole job!

Professional Vocal Services

Whether you need voiceovers, audio description or narration, we can fill your needs at reasonable hourly rates.

Have questions? Get in touch!

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